Gym Queens & GAY PARTY BOYS with sexy hard bodies ROCK the LGBT Party scene

Do you adore HOT SEXY GAY PARTY BOYS and GYM QUEENS with the ROCK HARD BODS and HARD PACKAGES who want to FUCK ? And How do I get what they have so I can GET what they GET !?!

I am asked all of the time why HARDCORE SARMS is so popular with the gay boys!

As a gay boy myself who uses them, I thought I could shed some light on this for you.

Let me break down how this works:

SARMS are the newest miracle workout supplement which mimics the effects of steroids …. with none of the negative side effects.

GYM QUEENS and GAY PARTY BOYS have a few things in common. They have hot, sexy bodies and they like to show them off. This means muscles and lots of them!

But it also means NO BODY FAT!

HARDCORE SARMS USA has the most effective products on the market for both of these hard to achieve results.

With RAD140 to increase your body’s production of natural testosterone you will have what your body needs to go the extra mile in building all the muscles you are looking for. And with superior energy boosters and fat strippers such as CARDARINE and CLEN will provide all the UP and GO you need for those extra workouts and …all of those other times you need to go LONGER and HARDER! And all the while preparing you to show off that enviable V and 8 pack abs we can all drool over.

One of the most popular places our GAY PARTY BOYS are going to meet each other is the local LGBT CLUB SCENE.

Akbar, Los Angeles, California

Bar 1, Phoenix, Arizona

Big Chicks, Chicago, Illinois

Blackstones, Portland, Maine

Bourbon Pub Parade, New Orleans, Louisiana

Boxers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Camp Bar, St. Paul, Minnesota

Club Cafe, Boston, Massachusetts

Club Marcella, Buffalo, New York

Club One, Savannah, Georgia

Cubbyhole, New York, New York

Darcelle XV, Portland, Oregon

Divas, San Francisco, California

Ego, Providence, Rhode Island

Gym Sportsbar, New York, New York

Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand, Waikiki, Hawaii

Lipstick Lounge, Nashville, Tennessee

My Sister’s Room, Atlanta, Georgia

Pony, Seattle, Washington

Purdy Lounge, Miami, Florida

Rain on 4th, Austin Texas

The Dallas Eagle, Dallas, Texas

The Phoenix, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Stud, San Francisco, California

Velvet Lounge, Santa Ana, California

Here is where you can find representation from THE WHOLE GAY COMMUNITY both showing themselves off and looking for play dates.

And we all know the boys who garner the most interest follow a very predictable formula: hot, hard, sexy bodies showing off their hot, hard-ons 🙂

Forget VIAGRA, that’s for grandpa!  HARDCORE SARMS even has a super new product to help out keep those erections hard and long with PUMPED, a liquid dosed product for SUSTAINED MALE ERECTIONS.

Also known as the “weekender”, PUMPED allows an entire weekend of hard play with only the ONE DOSE. Now it’s not only poppers in my boys’ pockets when going out to play! Which is why PUMPED is showing up on everybody’s “must pack” list when preparing for that trip to Fire Island or your local weekend GAY SEX PARTIES!

So now you know what all of the SEXY TONED GAY BOYS and GYM QUEENS / MUSCLE QUEENS all around are talking about: HARDCORE SARMS USA and how they never want to work out without those HARDCORE benefits again!

Stacking products such as RAD140 + CARDARINE + S23 + CLEN is the formula for bigger muscles faster while at the same time stripping away all of that stubborn belly fat to show off those new found abs!

So bottom line, boys: Work smarter…
      ….and get those HARDCORE results until now you’ve only jerked-off to! 


Party HARDER, Boys

Jason – Party Boy
Los Angeles CA




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