Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, a low sex drive or the inability to orgasm?

Erectile dysfunction also known as ED is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Erection issues in men are not uncommon and in most cases, it’s very easy to treat.

Additionally a low sex drive, finding it difficult to become sexually aroused or to have an orgasm is also very common these days in both men and women. And again, in most cases it is very easy to treat, enabling both men and woman to experience pleasurable and enjoyable physical stimulation and sexual intercourse.


There are two issues and each have different treatments…

1/ Sustained erection problems

2/ Lack of sexual arousal, a low sex drive, the inability to get an erection, the inability to orgasm or very weak orgasms

There are many causes, this is a list of the main ones

  • Being very overweight

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure or high cholesterol

  • Depression

  • Smoking cigarettes

  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Being tired or stressed

  • low testosterone levels (may be due to aging, genetic factors or can be caused by other medications)

Obviously, if any of these factors are present, we recommend adjusting your lifestyle or seeking medical advice to reduce these factors.


Sustained Erection Problems aka Erectile Dysfunction

“I want to be able to fuck like a porn star and stay hard for hours but I can only sustain an erection for a few minutes”

“After I orgasm I go soft strait away to the disappointment of my partner who wants to keep playing longer”

Forget about Viagra, Viagra is old technology, is short acting and has been superseded by newer, more advanced products. The best product on the market today, for long sustained erections is Hardcore SARMS PUMPEDHardcore SARMS PUMPED lasts for over 20 hours, so you can take it many hours before the fun times begin, providing a level of spontaneity for your sexual liaisons.

Please note, neither Viagra or Hardcore SARMS PUMPED is suitable for by women. These products will not increase sexual arousal, please see section below.

DO NOT take Hardcore SARMS PUMPED if you have had any heart problems, have suffered a heart attack, chest pain, angina or had a stroke.


Problems getting Sexually Aroused, a Low Sex drive, the Inability to get an Erection, the Inability to Orgasm, Weak Orgasms, Short Orgasms or simply Unsatisfying Orgasms in men and women

Basically, you have low testosterone levels. There are many reasons for this, both men and women above the age of 45 will certainly have a much lower level of testosterone compared to their younger days. Additionally, excess weight, drinking too much alcohol and stress (work place stress, life in general or relationship problems) can and will lower your testosterone levels.

And yes, women have and need testosterone as well, they typically just have lower levels than men.

As well as a low sex drive, many women find it difficult to orgasm, find that stimulation of the clitoris does not cause sexual arousal, they have very short and unsatisfying orgasms or struggle to have any orgasms at all, especially via penetration. Well ladies, it is likely you simply have low testosterone levels as well.

So what can I do?

Men should run a low dose of RAD140 at 1/2ml per day (15mg of RAD140 per day) and take this for up to 5 months in duration followed by a rest period of 4 to 6 weeks. The rest period is important as you need to give your body a rest otherwise your testicles will shrink.

Women experiencing these symptoms can also take RAD140. We recommend a low daily dose of just 1/4ml per day of RAD140 for woman (7mg of RAD140 per day). Taken for up to 5 months in duration followed by a rest period of 4 weeks. Please note, some women will find that 1/4ml per day is not enough. If after a week you are not feeling the effects of the RAD140, increase the dosage to 1/2ml per day and continue for up to 5 months followed by a 4 week break.

After 4 days both men and women will start to feel the effects of the increased testosterone levels and your sex pleasure will increase, after a week, your sex life will be so much more pleasurable than it has been in years. So be prepared, this stuff rocks!

Men, if you find it too much, and you start popping “hard ons” at the mere sight of a woman, simply lower the RAD140 dosage to just a 1/4ml per day.



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